Medical Prescription

Meaning to get a rifle for a while now. A high powered sniper rifle with an equally powerful scope, so I can see the look in the eyes of my prey, the moment the bullet hits their forehead. You should get one too, all of us should. We should also get accesories of battle fatigues, hunting knives, handguns, the works. Why? Why the hell not?

Then its practice, practice and some more practice. No need to practice on dumb targets or bottles, there’s plenty of crows for our benefit. If you miss, just keep practicing till you start seeing some blood oozing from your prey’s body parts. Armed and dangerous Bangladeshis should then proceed to any border town and there are many on the menu. Get a comfortable position, stock it with the essentials and start shooting anything Indian that moves. The hunt is on, it’s open season for us too. Haven’t you heard, it’s now illegal for Bangladeshis to sit idle when their fellow countrymen are being killed left, right and center. It’s illegal to be an inactive spectator and its specially illegal to feel helpless to oppression & injustice. Our elected officials are too busy lining their pockets and shipping it abroad, so stop being naive thinking that its their job. The Army is too busy making money also; check out the Trust Banks, Sena Kalyan Trust, (Destiny 2000) & the UN Peace keeping missions. I don’t want to get started with the criminals.. i meant the Police Force. They are too busy to think about lil’ ol’ you.. the common, helpless, innocent man/woman! So wake up and make your own bed, breakfast & coffee, your maid isn’t gonna clean your house for you.

If you want something done right, then do it yourself. Get yourself some machines of destruction, for the sake of defense if offense is not your cup of tea. Why? Have you looked at the newspapers recently or for a decade or so? Take a sabbatical from the world of social media, parties, hollywood, tv serieses and glamour and bite into reality. There is no security in your country. You are more llikely to die of unnatural causes at home, on the roads, in Masjids or in public places than naturally dying in bed. The Police might kill you or a speed-freak driver or your servant or a politician or even a businessman or even a student leader. It’s open season on you, because the population has boomed & life expectancy is at its highest, thus you are just another statistic. No one cares, not even the ones you pay with you taxes to protect you! So what do you do? Buy a weapon today or become a dead statistic.

Protest peacefully! haahaa, what a joke! The government goons will sweep onyou with machetes & barettas while unarmed, civilian you get a good beating or give your life on the streets. Protest with a gun and they’ll sit up and take notice. Protest by killing a corrupt cop a day or better yet a government official but the best targets would be a politician. Kill a politician a day to keep anarchy away! ACT NOW!


What if Rajiv Gandhi hadn’t unlocked the Babri Masjid in 1986?

This article first appeared in the online version of the newsmagazine
‘Outlook India’ (issue dt. 23 August 2004) at the URL

In 1985, Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi gave in to Muslim pressure in the Shah Bano affair. Overruling a secular court�s decision that the repudiated wife Shah Bano was entitled to alimony from her ex-husband, he enacted a law abolishing the alimony provision in conformity with the Shari�a. Since India, unlike secular states, already had religion-based Civil Codes, this concession merely brought the minor matter of alimony under the purview of the prevailing arrangement. More importantly, it prevented riots.

Only months later, Gandhi restored the balance by giving the Hindus something as well: he ordered the locks on the Ram Janmabhoomi Babri Masjid in Ayodhya removed. Until then, a priest had been permitted to perform puja once a year for the idols installed there in 1949. Now, all Hindus were given access to what they consider as the birthplace of Rama, the prince posthumously deified as an incarnation of Vishnu.

Fundamentally, this decision didn�t alter the Ayodhya equation. Architecturally, the building was and remained a mosque, while functionally, it had been and continued to be a Hindu temple. That is why in my opinion, not taking this decision wouldn�t have changed the Ayodhya developments except in their timing. The different players, their strategies and goals, and their resolve to pursue these, all remained the same. The Babri Masjid Action Committee and the Vishva Hindu Parishad would have gone about their �business� just the same.

However, the VHP would have been forced to continue pushing the rather petty demand for removing the locks, rather than move on to the more ambitious and more mobilizing next step of planning the construction of a new temple. Most probably, the BJP would likewise have reaped smaller dividends from such a campaign. In 1989, it might not have jumped as high as 86 seats. Conversely, Congress might not have lost the North-Indian Muslim vote to the Janata Dal. In 1989, it could have remained just strong enough to cobble together a coalition rather than leave the initiative to the unwholesome and unstable Janata-BJP-Communist combine. So, at the level of party politics, Rajiv Gandhi�s decision may have made a big difference. Continue reading “What if Rajiv Gandhi hadn’t unlocked the Babri Masjid in 1986?”

Traditionalist ulema lead educational revolution in Kerala

Written by Yoginder Sikand · December 13, 2007 · 452 views

December 13, 2007

Kerala’s Muslims are unique among their co-religionists in India in fashioning a system of education that enables their children to attend both religious as well as regular schools at the same time. Muslims account for around a fourth of Kerala’s population, and the state’s Muslims, known as Mapillas, are among the most literate of the various Muslim communities in the country. Madrasas and schools run by literally hundreds of Muslim religious organizations in the state have made this possible. A recent study by Zubair Hudawi, himself a madrasa graduate from Kerala and presently a doctoral candidate at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, titled ‘Development and Modernisation of Religious Education in Kerala: The Role of the Samastha Kerala Jameyyat ul-Ulama’, discusses this contribution in great detail.

The Samastha Kerala Jameyyat ul-Ulama (SKJU) represents a traditionalist theological position, quite opposed to Islamic modernists on numerous points. Yet, as Hudawi argues, it has not hesitated from championing modern education. Hudawi, who spent several years studying at the Dar ul-Huda Islamic Academy, the SKJU’s leading centre for higher Islamic education, seeks to explain this enigma through an in-depth analysis of the organisation’s evolution and development, arguing against the notion that the traditionalist ulema are necessarily and wholly opposed to ‘modernity’. He argues that the SKJU is an excellent example of a traditionalist Muslim religious organization that, rather than opposing ‘modernity’ outright, actually facilitates it, albeit selectively. Thus, today, he writes, the SKJU runs not just several thousand madrasas but also numerous English- and Malayalam-medium schools, and scores of women’s and technical colleges. Continue reading “Traditionalist ulema lead educational revolution in Kerala”

FOur Walls

by Jamshyd Osman

The house is empty
Heart’s gone cold
The mantel’s gone dusty
Littered with spider webs & mold

An unusual feeling
Unwanted, Deserted
Involuntary tears
Of disgust & anguish
Guilt stuck at the throat
Another chance, another wish

Weaving tales of sorrow
A wasteful pastime
Bitter nothingness of tomorrow
No rhymes no smile

An oddity of emotion
Can’t dare to share
Errors in their judgment
Makes the truth look bare

Once these halls echoed laughter
Bore witness to joy
Nights & mornings after
Playing wild, playing coy

The romance of monsoon
Blessings after the gloom
Moments becoming hours
Tending to beds of flowers

We owe it all to Thee
That window of glee
I‘m glad that had to be
Both the bitter & the sweet
Wouldn’t have ventured any other street

Yesterday created today
Here now silence can only prevail
Echoes of yester-steps
Landmarks stay still as memoirs appear
Like an oasis in another hemisphere

Feels like a grave
Inside these heavy & lonely
Four walls

Fetal Position

when you are totally alone, rejected, dejected by the world at large. when spoken words are like spears, when nights never fade, when all hope seems to bleed.. leaving you empty & old, shivering yet not cold – you close like, like a folding flowers hiding within itself .. like you were, when you embarked here..slowly germinating from a drop of coagulated blood into flesh & your mother’s womb, where you were secure & comfortable…your cave of all comfort.

i say as i observe. in sleep or in pain or those going insane… they usually fold away from existence… searching for lost memories of that cave..the same position will haunt us as we reach the grave. (Muslims are buried on their right hand side, facing the Qibla). Almost a fetal position. When we Submit to our Lord (the sujud/Sejda) its still the same. If you see a Ultrasonographic picture of, say a 6 month fetus, turn it facing the ground- the position is identical to a HUMAN performing SUJUD- the action that proclaims complete & utter submission.

a sign or just a coincidence.. let your soul judge for itself… Comfort comes only in Submission. From the innocence of the cradle to the emptiness of the grave.


(1) Narrated ‘Aisha: The people used to fast on ‘Ashura (the tenth day of the month of muharram) before the fasting of Ramadan was made obligatory. And on that day the Ka’ba used to be covered with a cover. When Allah made the fasting of the month of Ramadan compulsory, Allah’s Apostle said, “Whoever wishes to fast (on the day of ‘Ashura’) may do so; and whoever wishes to leave it can do so.”  (Book #26, Hadith #662)

(2) Narrated Ibn ‘Umar: The Prophet observed the fast on the 10th of muharram (‘Ashura), and ordered (Muslims) to fast on that day, but when the fasting of the month of Ramadan was prescribed, the fasting of the ‘Ashura’ was abandoned. ‘Abdullah did not use to fast on that day unless it coincided with his routine fasting by chance.  (Book #31, Hadith #116)
(3) Narrated Salama bin Al-Akwa: Once the Prophet ordered a person on ‘Ashura’ (the tenth of muharram) to announce, “Whoever has eaten, should not eat any more, but fast, and who has not eaten should not eat, but complete his fast (till the end of the day).  (Book #31, Hadith #147) Continue reading “MUHARRAM”

Coca Cola Democracy

look its simple… what r the Americans doing in this geographical location so far from home..spreading peace & serenity..or just selling coke & democracy? has to be about winning here.. cause there are invaders & grave robbers on the prowl in your home & a situation like that.. yeah..its all about winning..While the international community looks on, as they were looking in Rwanda & Kosovo.. blinded by their greedy lustful thoughts of worldly power by obtaining resources.. Yes DO U Not feel civilized raping the earth & all its inhabitants for fulfilling ur carnal desires.. ‘things are stationary till force is applied to it’..who started this rush for flowing infinite rivers of blood..who have made neighbours & brothers turn their guns towards each other?..the kurds, the shi’etes, the Sunnis or the commies?..the hunter always needs a target to pick on..

an attempt at focusing

      The bed’s vibrating, the glasses rattling, an eerie silence surrounding me; i keep thinking that something’s about happen, something that will flip our lives, take us on a topsy turvy ride. I ponder about doomsday, the events that are to occur before them. “Think happy thoughts”, people tell me.. its like telling a man to forget the taste of milk & honey after savouring its taste since infancy.. how can i think in ignorance.. Especially when the truth is so evident. the signs are all there, that is if you sit back and reflect..

  I  despise the way all things have started moving.. at the pace that things are happening.. dawn breaks and before you know it, the days coming to an end.. the noise that the angry drivers keep making due to their impatience & the constant hurry they seem to be in. Nothing or no one is relaxed anymore.. hurry hurry hurry!!! this sudden acceleration of pace is knocking me off balance. i notice that i’m not the only one facing these problems day to day. the whole world seems depressed on some-days & on other days the birds keep chirping and the plants look more lively.. everything looks & feels so nice on those days.. where do we go when we drift off to sleep and what happens there?.. isn’t it something to ponder why some mornings we wake up feeling great & other days seem so horrid..

No matter how much we love our earthly possessions, material lives & our relations; we do at some point of our lives long for death. To escape this constant pressure of daily life.Aren’t you worn out doing the same thing day in and day out. Hanging with pals, sharing a drink and reflecting on life gets tiring after a while too.

We constantly keep searching for better experiences, adventures in new packages. How many of us actually pack a bag and head out into the unknown on an impulse, away from our comfort zones.

We keep living in our own control dramas & prefer not to disturb our so-called perfect social lives, which is eye wash itself.

Isn’t it weird when members of a family are togather, they’re  always at each others throats but as soon as guests arrive another facet of their character, another control drama is revealed. We live in such a hypocritical world.

Where fiction has taken superiority over the simple truths of life.

We are born so innocent; as soon as we get some sense, we are taught the many short cuts in life, by the way practice, at most times rather than a dictate from some elder relative.

We see our elders lying, deceiving & hiding things, shouting, hurting them & sometimes even killing them. What is that receptive & ever observant child learning then? He’s learning to be just like you. Just like his dad or mom and he grows up thinking that to be right. Then the hypocrisy starts all over when those same parents come and smack that child for repeating the deeds that they had unconsciously taught the child.

 We should be more conscious about ourselves. More so infront of our children.

Be Responsible, cause your actions shape your child’s future!

blood of believers cheaper than the blood of unbelievers?

swords.jpegHow much blood do the Beasts want?… the Zionists keep shouting about & screaming of Anti-Zionism, anti-Judaism.. whenever a little is spoken against the injustice & the arrogance that they have displayed throughout their existence but the Children of Israel, seem to do as they please and aggetate the weak that they oppress and occupy.. they get a free hand at slaughtering Muslims by the thousands, immune from any
flawed law written by Man!

Oh! You unbelievers in the Oneness of Allah & in the truth of Islam, how you have forgotten the Favours of your Lord hath bestowed on you & those before you.. how your Lord freed you from bondage from the Pharoahs.. how you were bestowed this land that you claim.. you have been arrogant to your Lord even after so many favours on you… still you reject His truth.. if you believe in Him then ask for death…if you are truthful! He will tell you what your hands have sent before you… fear that Day when you will be resurrected… you think that you are Kings of this world & you will get immunity in the next.. how wrong is the ‘truth’ that you claim.. who will protect you then?

The hypocrite leaders of the Islamic world watches these massacers, with their lips sewed tight & scratching their bellies overgrown from selling out to the unbelievers & aiding their quest to accumulate mountains of wealth & resources, against all odds. They create strife & conflict among brothers of the same mother, to suck & consume the blood of nations. They call this ‘Capitalism & Democracy’. Have we become so lame & ignorant that we can’t see & feel a werewolf in our midst..fooling us, corrupting us & creating greed? then why do you not speak out against them… will your plates be empty & will you lack shelter or not have healthy bank accounts to show-off to your peers? Your Lord is your Provider, your Protector, then why do you hesitate to protest the actions of wrongdoers & the true fundamentalists of the so-called “free world”… where the speech was never free, nor did you have freedom to worship or freedom to inform, etc… their constitution is an eyewash as it had been since they tried to start playing The One & Only Lord.. today the entire population of the world is just running & quarelling for wealth & more wealth, selfishly & unceasingly…the best this, the biggest that…
is that the purpose of creation?

come on you ignorant fool, wake up & smell the coffee…
your days are numbered & their is A Day of Recompense,
that is the promise of The Lord that you think is cool to fools

—Jamshyd Osman
News Headlines Every other day:—
40 Palestinian killed and more than 200 injured in Gaza
Date: 04 / 11 / 2006 Time: 11:09

Gaza – Ma’an – In the fourth consecutive day of the Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip, a leader in the Hamas-affiliated Al-Qassam Brigades, was killed, and another, was injured when Israeli jets launched an air strike on Jala-a street in Gaza City early on Saturday morning.

Ma’an’s correspondent reported that Luay Bornu was killed when Israeli jets launched a rocket at the car he was traveling in, through central Gaza City.

Medical sources said that Bornu’s body arrived at the hospital in pieces, after sustaining a direct hit from the rocket.

In a separate incident, medical crews were finally able to recover the body of Marwan Abu Harbid, 46, after the roof of his house collapsed when Israeli jets shelled it with heavy artillery.

His body had been inaccessible for the past 36 hours, as Israeli troops prevented the ambulance crews from approaching the area to assist injured people. Harbid’s home was demolished by the Israeli attack, while the residents of the house remained inside. Anwar, Shaban, Muwafaq, Amjad, Imad and Adham were all inside the building when israeli forces destroyed the house. Marwan was killed, while all the other family members were injured and transported to hospitals in the area.

On Saturday morning, a new air strike was carried on the Toffah neighborhood, there has been breaking news of many casualties, but details remain currently unknown.

The death toll since the start of the Israeli incursion to Beit Hanoun and northern Gaza has reached 40 Palestinians killed, and more than 200 injured; 30 of them in critical condition.