Fetal Position

when you are totally alone, rejected, dejected by the world at large. when spoken words are like spears, when nights never fade, when all hope seems to bleed.. leaving you empty & old, shivering yet not cold – you close like, like a folding flowers hiding within itself .. like you were, when you embarked here..slowly germinating from a drop of coagulated blood into flesh & bones..in your mother’s womb, where you were secure & comfortable…your cave of all comfort.

i say as i observe. in sleep or in pain or those going insane… they usually fold away from existence… searching for lost memories of that cave..the same position will haunt us as we reach the grave. (Muslims are buried on their right hand side, facing the Qibla). Almost a fetal position. When we Submit to our Lord (the sujud/Sejda) its still the same. If you see a Ultrasonographic picture of, say a 6 month fetus, turn it facing the ground- the position is identical to a HUMAN performing SUJUD- the action that proclaims complete & utter submission.

a sign or just a coincidence.. let your soul judge for itself… Comfort comes only in Submission. From the innocence of the cradle to the emptiness of the grave.


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