blood of believers cheaper than the blood of unbelievers?

swords.jpegHow much blood do the Beasts want?… the Zionists keep shouting about & screaming of Anti-Zionism, anti-Judaism.. whenever a little is spoken against the injustice & the arrogance that they have displayed throughout their existence but the Children of Israel, seem to do as they please and aggetate the weak that they oppress and occupy.. they get a free hand at slaughtering Muslims by the thousands, immune from any
flawed law written by Man!

Oh! You unbelievers in the Oneness of Allah & in the truth of Islam, how you have forgotten the Favours of your Lord hath bestowed on you & those before you.. how your Lord freed you from bondage from the Pharoahs.. how you were bestowed this land that you claim.. you have been arrogant to your Lord even after so many favours on you… still you reject His truth.. if you believe in Him then ask for death…if you are truthful! He will tell you what your hands have sent before you… fear that Day when you will be resurrected… you think that you are Kings of this world & you will get immunity in the next.. how wrong is the ‘truth’ that you claim.. who will protect you then?

The hypocrite leaders of the Islamic world watches these massacers, with their lips sewed tight & scratching their bellies overgrown from selling out to the unbelievers & aiding their quest to accumulate mountains of wealth & resources, against all odds. They create strife & conflict among brothers of the same mother, to suck & consume the blood of nations. They call this ‘Capitalism & Democracy’. Have we become so lame & ignorant that we can’t see & feel a werewolf in our midst..fooling us, corrupting us & creating greed? then why do you not speak out against them… will your plates be empty & will you lack shelter or not have healthy bank accounts to show-off to your peers? Your Lord is your Provider, your Protector, then why do you hesitate to protest the actions of wrongdoers & the true fundamentalists of the so-called “free world”… where the speech was never free, nor did you have freedom to worship or freedom to inform, etc… their constitution is an eyewash as it had been since they tried to start playing The One & Only Lord.. today the entire population of the world is just running & quarelling for wealth & more wealth, selfishly & unceasingly…the best this, the biggest that…
is that the purpose of creation?

come on you ignorant fool, wake up & smell the coffee…
your days are numbered & their is A Day of Recompense,
that is the promise of The Lord that you think is cool to fools

—Jamshyd Osman
News Headlines Every other day:—
40 Palestinian killed and more than 200 injured in Gaza
Date: 04 / 11 / 2006 Time: 11:09

Gaza – Ma’an – In the fourth consecutive day of the Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip, a leader in the Hamas-affiliated Al-Qassam Brigades, was killed, and another, was injured when Israeli jets launched an air strike on Jala-a street in Gaza City early on Saturday morning.

Ma’an’s correspondent reported that Luay Bornu was killed when Israeli jets launched a rocket at the car he was traveling in, through central Gaza City.

Medical sources said that Bornu’s body arrived at the hospital in pieces, after sustaining a direct hit from the rocket.

In a separate incident, medical crews were finally able to recover the body of Marwan Abu Harbid, 46, after the roof of his house collapsed when Israeli jets shelled it with heavy artillery.

His body had been inaccessible for the past 36 hours, as Israeli troops prevented the ambulance crews from approaching the area to assist injured people. Harbid’s home was demolished by the Israeli attack, while the residents of the house remained inside. Anwar, Shaban, Muwafaq, Amjad, Imad and Adham were all inside the building when israeli forces destroyed the house. Marwan was killed, while all the other family members were injured and transported to hospitals in the area.

On Saturday morning, a new air strike was carried on the Toffah neighborhood, there has been breaking news of many casualties, but details remain currently unknown.

The death toll since the start of the Israeli incursion to Beit Hanoun and northern Gaza has reached 40 Palestinians killed, and more than 200 injured; 30 of them in critical condition.


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