Coca Cola Democracy

look its simple… what r the Americans doing in this geographical location so far from home..spreading peace & serenity..or just selling coke & democracy? has to be about winning here.. cause there are invaders & grave robbers on the prowl in your home & a situation like that.. yeah..its all about winning..While the international community looks on, as they were looking in Rwanda & Kosovo.. blinded by their greedy lustful thoughts of worldly power by obtaining resources.. Yes DO U Not feel civilized raping the earth & all its inhabitants for fulfilling ur carnal desires.. ‘things are stationary till force is applied to it’..who started this rush for flowing infinite rivers of blood..who have made neighbours & brothers turn their guns towards each other?..the kurds, the shi’etes, the Sunnis or the commies?..the hunter always needs a target to pick on..


One thought on “Coca Cola Democracy

  1. reply from Jesse Buck….

    lol…we agree with why they are doign it, its about money and power,
    although not much to do with democracy. they are not interested in the
    iraqi’s controlling iraq, they want to control it themselves.

    what about the lessons of gandhi? force can be applied in many ways.
    india, on the whole, is a shinning light to the world of how various
    ethnic, religous, ethnic groups can live side by side. tonight i was
    drinking with a parsi, a few hindus and few muslims, they are all close
    friends. this, i think, is due to his philosophy of liberation.

    i agree the iraqi’s shoudl run iraq…hmmm….although in a way i think
    iraq should probably not exist, most of the countries outside of europe
    exist because of borders drawn by colonial powers. countries shoudl not
    exist. but the people of an area shoudl control their own destiny. so
    from here what is best way to achieve this? by going into some really
    long drawn out battle like vietnam? did the american government learn
    from this? no, because they, like all imperial powers, whether it be
    the british, french, ottomans, persians, arab empires follow the same
    model, they are interested in power and control for economic gain. so
    what is the best way to rid the world of empires? not just the american
    empire, but all empires? i think gandhi has some excellent lessons for
    us. he said “be the change you want to see”. this is not about killing
    americans or causing them loss of face and building an alternative
    empire. it is about building a world of equal human beings.

    i don’t think you can blame the americans for the shia and sunni’s
    killing each other, this has been going on for centuries. there is a
    power vacum in iraq, old ethnic and religious hostilities that were
    bottled up under the brutal dictatorship of sadam have been released.

    “Be the change you want to see”, Gandhi

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