Australia Muslim school rejected

From the BBC

Anti-Islamic immigration slogan on protester's hat

The New South Wales town does not have a large Muslim population

Authorities in an Australian town have rejected proposals to allow an Islamic school to be built there.

Councillors for Camden, a small town on the outskirts of Sydney, unanimously voted against the proposed school for 1200 pupils.

The councillors said they based their decision solely on planning grounds, citing an internal report about its environmental impact.

The proposed development had met with fierce local opposition.

Camden’s authorities received some 3,200 submissions from the public about the school and only 100 in favour.

Tensions reached their height last November when two pigs’ heads were left on the site of the proposed school. Pork products are forbidden for consumption according to Islamic dietary laws.

Camden’s mayor, Chris Patterson, stressed that the decision to reject the proposals was not made on religious or nationalistic grounds.

“It is a site issue, clearly a site issue,” Mr Patterson said after the vote.

Residents’ views


Council meetings, which addressed the proposed development, regularly drew large and outspoken crowds.

A variety of local residents’ views were aired at one such public meeting late last year and attended by over 1,000 people.

Some speakers focused solely on the environmental impact of locating an urban-scale school in such a bucolic setting.

One speaker implored the crowd to stick to planning issues, and not let the campaign be contaminated by racism or xenophobia.

The loudest cheers of the night greeted a speech from a local man in his late 70s, according to the BBC’s Nick Bryant.

“Can I just say this without being racist or political?” the man said. “In 1983, in the streets of London, a parade by Muslims chanted incessantly ‘If we can take London, we can take the world’. Don’t let them take Camden.”

The BBC’s Nick Bryant in Sydney says Camden does not have a large Muslim population – about 150 families – so most of the pupils for the proposed school would have had to be brought in by bus from Sydney, an hour’s drive away.

Andrew Wynnet of the Camden/Macarthur Residents’ Group told the BBC about local concerns for the long-term demographic impact of such a development.

“The character of the town will change,” he said.

Low profile

The Quranic Society, the organisation behind the proposal, has kept a low public profile throughout the process.

Its position has been that Australian parents have the right to educate Australian children wherever they wish, regardless of race or religion.

The organisation was not represented at the meeting, but it can appeal against this decision in the courts.

Camden Mayor Chris Patterson said that the society would be welcome to re-submit the application on a different site in Camden.

An internal council report had earlier recommended against construction, mainly citing traffic concerns.


16 thoughts on “Australia Muslim school rejected

  1. why do muslims always have to whine??
    Their planning application was not accepted thats all! They want to get “YES” from everywhere in the world….and to dominate it!
    They are victims one moment then screaming dominance the next…… strange bunch of loonies.

    1. we dont whine! we jsut want to get our rights fulfilled its like when women in england before the wars wanted to gain the vote, we could all easliy say “why do women whine?” well they wanted to get their rights as a human, and look what they did to gain the vote, research the suffragettes they blew up llyod georges house britians popular MP at the time, vandalsied oxford street etc, blew up houses,smashed windows, and even martyrd themselves etc, but islam clearly goes against violence, its just the way muslims are portrayed in the medai as terrorists etc, like 9/11, inside job, utube it, CIA = BIN LADEN, cia= 9/11 there so called hero g.bush = 9/11 , look at countries like palestine usa taxes are being contributed, to israel to help by munisions, so they can kill inconet people who throw stones at tanks, u call that violent NO! its usa, israel, britian who are evil, NEW WORLD ORDER, is taking place …dajjal-anit christ is not far, and hisfollwers are people like g.bush, queen, obama etc

  2. I thank you for providing such progressive issues that does effect the way people pray and exalt. It gives me a second chance again to think about what side of the spirit i believe.

  3. Another example of Islamophobia, The struggle against Islamophobia should continue until people realise that Islam is a religion of peace and not what Bush (in USA) say’s it is.

  4. Islam a religion of peace? Read the Koran first!!!
    All the death, killing and wars today are caused by Muslims forcing their believe in us Christians. Muslim is not peace but war, death and destruction. Their actions speak louder than their words.

    1. there are over 1.5 billion of us in this world if our religion orderd us to destruct and domiate we would all come together and succed but no it is not wat our God tells us i am sad that u a christian has a predjudice views did u not know that christianity and islam are very close ? the bible has as much or more violence as well as rape and insest so do not judge my religion and what a few people do a handful of people do u judge me on them? if u study me religion insted of the tv u will relise that jihad means to strive in the time of struggle the largest and most rewarded is the struggle between right and rong the lesser jihad is defending ur right to practise islam in the face of oppression u r not innocent in this world insted u see wat a few ppl are doing and wat these few misguided muslims are doing infact goes against wat ALLAH tells us
      let those who belive belive and let those who reject truth reject each to thier own deposition thosae who do good do so for thier own souls and those who do bad do so for their own loss

      i will not worship hat wich u do and u will not worship that wich i do so you to urs and me to mine

      invite those into the way of your lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching
      defend yourself in away that is proportionate to that wich has been done to you but do not distress for thier plots for your lord is a better planner then them but it is better to have pateince and perserverence for ALLAH is with those who are patient

      theres are 2 just reasons for jihad 1 unjustly been kicked from your homes for practising Islam
      and 2 in defence from oppressors but when the oppresion stop u must cease as well if they ask for forgivness u must forgive them for forgivness is from ur lord

      do not make the position of ur community worse but insted inhance the position of your ummah

      if you kill one innocent u have killed all the innocents in this world if u save one innocent u have saved all the innocents of this worl

      do not kill your selves and do not kill other people without a just cause
      even in battle do not set firt to property nor destruct others property do not kill the animals nor the women or the children
      do no even cause harm to the plants or trees

      there are many sins in what they show on the tv it is ludacris for u to judge me from mere images and words pushed by a power figure
      in the 21st centry we many ways to find real truth and the tv is NOT going to provide that
      laa ilaha ilaa ALLAH

    2. islam is a religion of peace and always will be..islam is not the source of terrorism but is the solotuin read the article on this website…!!! islam teaches to have respect for all religions not just islam. christiany and all relgions have to follow that same rule according to their holy scriptures too. and islam and christianity are close i dont hate any religion of people because their holy scripts were revealed by our god to our prophets, such as muhammad=quraan jesus (esaah)=bible moses=torah etc…

  5. The President of PULO, Al Haj Abu Yasir Fikri, was invited as expert speaker on the situation of Southern Thailand (Patani).
    18-19 APRIL 2009
    The twelfth Meeting of the Intergovernmental Group of Experts considering the Conditions of Muslim Communities and Minorities in Non-OIC Member States was held in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, from 18 to 19 April, 2009;
    The PULO President said that “To understand the issue we must get to the root of the Problem. Thailand sees the South as part of its territories, while the liberation movements sees Thailand as the colonial power occupying their land by force.”
    He spoke about the unrest and asked whether the groups operating in the South should be called “Separatist Movements” or “National Liberation Movements”.
    Abu Yasir recalled the Patani history and also drew up statistics of injured and dead for the years of 2004-2008.
    Understanding the Case
    The PULO President explained four points which he said was needed in order to “Understand the Case”:
    1. The conflict between the national liberation movements for independence of Patani and the Government of Thailand is about retaining the land in the south as part of its territory.
    2. The roots of conflict in the region stems from the decision of the Thai government to cancel the Malay sultans in 1902.
    3. The language, customs and cultures of the majority of people in Patani (the five states bordering to Malaysia in the south) differ from that of the majority of Thai people in Thailand as the people are ethnic Malay Muslims. In the Patani area approximately 90% of the population is Malay Muslim while the minority is Siamese Buddhists.
    4. The non-recognition of the existence of the ethnic Malay by calling them Thai Muslims, and denying them their identity creates a great obstacle to peaceful coexistence.
    Proposing a solution to the Patani Case
    Finally, the PULO President proposed a solution for the case in six points:
    1. In the case of Patani it seems impossible to resolving the issue if it is left entirely in the hands of the Patani people and the Thai Government. This is why international intervention in the form of external governments or the United Nations is necessary. There are some with the opinion that external presence would be interfering with the internal affairs of Thailand but we believe that since Patani is under colonial occupation and its people are struggling to regain their right of self determination this would not be the case. Therefore external intervention should not be seen as interfering with the internal affairs of Thailand.
    2. In the first stage the government of Thailand should award the Patani area (The regions which includes Pattani, Narathiwat, Jala, Setun and five districts in the province of Sonkla) special status. The Government and Parliament should allow greater freedom for Patani to manage its internal affairs. This move would not be in contradiction with the Thai constitution and would be applicable in the case of Patani since the conditions and terms of the regions (i.e. Bangkok and Pataya) that’s already been awarded special status has been different in each case.
    3. Recognition of the ethnic Malay in the same way that Thailand acknowledges ethnic Chinese in Thailand. Right now Thailand does not recognize the Malay ethnicity, which makes it difficult to prove the sincere intention of the Thai government for peaceful coexistence with the Patani people.
    It is necessary that the Malay language is also recognized as the official language in the region and also that the Jawi scripture (using Arabic letters) may be used.
    Thailand is trying to implement teaching in the Malay language in one school in each state but with the Thai alphabet. There is no contradiction in the policy of education in Thailand to allow the use of Jawi scripture as foreign language education in Thailand allows for English and French to be taught using the Latin alphabet, while the Japanese and the Chinese languages are taught using their own letters. None of the above mentioned languages (except Jawi) is taught using the Thai script.
    4. Recognition of the Islamic law in the Islamic Malay Patani, especially in the field of civil law since the people is Muslim.
    5. The people in the Patani region will have a referendum in the future under international supervision in order to determine their own destiny, whether they want to remain part of Thailand or achieve independence from Thailand.
    6. Thailand wish to reduce the role of the Patani United Liberation Organization (PULO) and Revolutionary National Front (BRN) while at the same time giving credit to the RKK (small and mobile combat units). The RKK is not an organization, but those are small groups moving about in the villages. However, these groups are parts of other liberation organizations in Patani.
    Abu Yasir said that if calm is to be restored, the Thai government has to enter the negotiation table with the liberation organizations.
    The meeting ended with recommendations for the next OIC meeting, to be held in Damascus:
    Having listened to the views and comments of the Member States’ representatives on the Muslim Communities and Minorities in Non-OIC Member States, the meeting came out with the following recommendations:
    Welcomes the content of the Joint Communiqué issued at the end of the Secretary General’s visit to Thailand in May 2007, including the commitments made by the Government to make steps towards the resolution of the issue of Muslims in Southern Thailand by addressing all its aspects and by giving them the opportunity to take charge of their internal affairs, enjoy their cultural and linguistic specificities and manage their own natural resources; and expresses its concern over the lack of progress in these commitments nearly two years after the Communiqué was issued.
    Calls on the Secretary General to continue his contacts with the Government of Thailand; invites the Member States which have strong relations with Thailand to assist him in his efforts in order to elaborate an action plan for the full implementation of the Joint Communiqué, which will contribute to bringing about peace in Southern Thailand. The meeting recalls resolution No. 51/35-POL adopted by the 34th Session of Conference of Ministers in Islamabad, which stipulated that the issue of Muslims in Southern Thailand be the subject of a separate resolution from the Council of Ministers.
    Patani Independence News Agency (PINA)

    TRUE OR FAKE ???

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