Swimwear for Muslims

Sports: Companies create full-body suits for Muslim women.

By Peter Prengaman, Associated Press Writer



Sama Wareh walks on the sand in Newport Beach dressed in swim wear designed for Muslim women. (Chris Carlson / Associated Press)

LOS ANGELES – Amana Siddiqi loved swimming as a child but gave it up as a teenager because her Muslim faith required she fully cover her body in public.

“At age 15, I started to cover, so I stopped going to public pools,” said Siddiqi, now 27, whose parents come from India and Pakistan. “Most of my friends stopped, too. They felt self-conscious.”

Then last summer Siddiqi bought a specially made swimsuit that covers her body while allowing full motion – and went snorkeling, jet skiing and on water slides while on vacation in Hawaii.

Muslim girls and women are increasingly participating in athletic activities, especially as second- and third-generation children of immigrants grow up surrounded by American influences. But doing so requires them to overcome a seemingly large obstacle: Islam’s traditional emphasis on modest dress.

When it comes to water sports, the challenge can be even more difficult than in Muslim countries, where the sexes are often separated in pools and on beaches. America is predominantly co-ed, and increasingly the norm is skimpy swimsuits. Enter the all-body suit.

While full-body swimwear has been around for decades, in the last couple years it hasundergone a renaissance as the niche market has grown. Today about a dozen stores, based in the United States and abroad, sell swimwear to Muslim-American women, mostly through online catalogues.

A full suit can cost more than $100, with pants around $60, shirts at $25 and water scarves and hoods about $15.

The material is high-tech. Synthetic combinations that include polyester, nylon and Lycra allow flexible movement in the water while not sticking to a woman’s body when she exits the pool, which could produce the opposite effect of modesty.

The suits are also increasingly stylish, with aqua to purple to hot pink colors, intricate sequin designs and miniskirts that go over long pants.

“We want to be modest, but we also want to be fashionable,” said Shereen Sabet, who last year founded Splashgear, an online swimwear store for Muslim women based in Huntington Beach.

Sabet, 36, a microbiologist at Cal State Long Beach, said she decided to get into the business while trying to reconcile the conflict between her Muslim faith and a love of scuba diving. She realized many female Muslim friends completely avoided the water because of modesty concerns.

“Nothing in the Quran says women and men can’t swim or scuba dive together,” said Sabet, whose parents are from Egypt. “It’s just a question of finding a solution.”

For Hayat Diab, 65, finding a solution has helped her deal with severe arthritis. Diab, originally from Syria, lives in an Irvine apartment complex that has several pools. She had never swam in her life until two years ago, when she got a special suit that includes long pants, a long-sleeved top and a cap to cover her hair.

“When I go to the Jacuzzi, I feel all my joints relax,” Diab said.

Her husband, Ibrahim Al-Tawil, 75, is a longtime swimmer who is teaching his wife.

“We are happy to be together in the swimming pool,” he said.

Finding ways to navigate American culture and Islamic norms is a constant theme in Muslim focus groups, said David Morse, president of New American Dimensions, a multicultural marketing research company.

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3 thoughts on “Swimwear for Muslims

  1. “Nothing in the Quran says women and men can’t swim or scuba dive together,” said Sabet, whose parents are from Egypt. “It’s just a question of finding a solution.

    This is lame!! People should be intelligent enough to appreciate and interpret the Qura’n correctly. Interpretations like these reflect lack of piety. Its not about adjusting ourselves to this world and in the process pushing Islam to its limit. Piousness is about adjusting and compromising. I have no idea how swimming with males is justified !!

  2. You know I think its’s a great idea, If a muslim woman wants to swim she has and option. Unfortunately, the last comments wants to believe everything can remain constant. well , things will keep changing and yes we can not compensate our religion, but you cannot also not accept the world will keep changing and you have to adapt as well. I see theese women wearing full niqab … like one eye only sticking out, and I respect that and thats their decision, but then maybe this part of the world is not the place for you. You are dividing yourself from everyone! And you can not communicate or really live here by getting to something about the place and people who live in those countries you live in. Its just like if a woman a non-muslim woman was to got to saudi arabia, it would not be appropriate for her to go on the beach and waer a bathing suit or just roam the streets without the abya. If she’s not happy about that well maybe she should go back to the wst. and if someone is so devout that they feel Niqab is the right choice for them well maybe they should really look deep inside them and make the unselfish decision to leave and go to so many of the muslim countries were you will be more of a memebr and can participate more. If it’s a better living standard that’s keeping you here maybe its time to to think maybe its better to be in a muslim country with less if you are so devout to make yourself so different from everyone by wearing the niqab. i don’t like when i saw western women sometimes being arrogant and not wearing the abaya and I feel the same about the Niqab in the west when i see it. You can’t drive. Kids look and you can’t do a whole lot of things with it.

    just my opinion.

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