Dummies guide to Brainwash the British Public?

Channel 4’s programme titled “The Begineers guide to Islam“, designed to put -off free thinking non-muslims from finding out the true essence of Islam.

A posh girl from chelsea (Peaches Geldof) visits Morocco trying to learn about Islam. The programme content is poor, with a propaganda outlook paints a morbid picture unrepresentative of Islam. We put the record straight.

A girl who’s already made her mind up!
A pointless exercise:- Choose a girl who is secular, dislikes religion, armed with quotes from materialists about the creation of life, life sciences and place her in an environment she is not accustomed too. This all sounds like a well scripted propaganda documentary about a girl who has already made her mind up?

The title is meant to mislead, the program does nothing to aid a non-muslim to understand the true essence of Islam. It being scripted to put-off any notion of anything meaningfully good, only draw the audiences attention to the bad. Lets walk through the programme and fill the gaps so to speak:

Girl asks questions and receives all the wrong answers (inc. comments, and remarks):

Q1. Morocco is a Muslim country with 88% Sunni muslims.
A1: Morocco is run by a kingship which is Haram in Islam and the state does not represent an Islamic system or anywhere near an Islamic World Government. The royal family (King MOHAMED VI) were installed/planted by the French colonialist and the Government is indirectly controlled by France. The country is run by a secular government that opposes Islamic values as explained by the Muslim girl who was not permitted to wear her hijab while on school campus (ref: Franch opposition to Hijab).

Q2: Why do Muslims women were Hijab or Borcha?
A2: The answer provided by the Muslim girl was wrong, it is no for protection. In fact, the Qur’an authorized the Hijab and covering of the head to the Prophets wives, thus it becomes Sunnah (recommended) giving reward to those who apply. Another important point is that Allah(swt) in the Qur’an does not give any reason for it, it is a directed command and so it was not correct for the Muslim girl to state that it is a reason soley for protection. Peach was happy that she made that slip-up and further showed the flawlessness of this reasoning by walking the streets and bazaars only to be haggled by some men folk while she was wearing a Hijab.The muslim girl was right to point out that the Hijab demands respect, after all the wearer is following the sunnah of the Prophet(saaw). Not much can be said about the men encountered while they walked the bazaars.

Q3: Do you need to change clothes while visiting a Muslim country?
What is the dress code for getting into paradise?
A3: The Muslim girl highlights the importance of being dressed appropriately for the occasion. Wearing skimpy clothes would be against the Islamic dress code. Peach was to integrate into Muslim society, however she was reluctant to do so at all attempts, wanting to impose her own way of life instead. Was this the real reason for the programme, to confuse the non-muslims and moderate Muslims watching the programme when it is aired back home?

It is not absolutly necessary for Peach to wear an Islamic dress, acceptable english clothes could have been worn that were just not revealing. Her inability to contain herself at times was a sign like that of binge drinking syndrome and was at times a cause for concern, placed in any society even here in the UK!

A further point to note is that when Peach shows off here reviling clothes, the Muslim girl fails to mention that in private the Peach could wear whatever she wanted.However, in public such clothes were inappropriate.

Q4: The word “Marks” is interchageably used to replace the word “Rewards”, is that correct?
A4: What ever a Muslim does is act of worship. For every act of worship their is reward. How much reward is decided by Allah(swt) and one act could be equivalent to performing Hajj! A Muslim runs to attain rewards as this will help them in the life they lead as well as in the afterlife. The emphasis is on gaining reward and not be disobedient against Allah(swt). It was incorrect for the Muslim girl to attribute obtaining rewards as a means to enter paradise? After all what is paradise? The western view of paradise is clouds, sainthood and always doing good deeds! This is certainly not paradise according to the Qur’an.

Q5: Why is a 35 year old man marrying a 18 year old woman without love? Is that right?
A5: Most arranged marriages work out well. The conflict arises when local customs interfere with Islamic views regarding marriage. When conflict arises the custom is rejected for the Islamic view. Islam gives power to the parent or guardian only when the bride is unable to decide for herself. This in no way means that since a woman marries young she is unaware of the significance of marriage. She has the islamic right to reject the suitor at any stage. She is not placed under duress, however if she was under duress then the Islamic marriage is void and the guardians would be blamed giving rise to civil disobedience. But thankfully their are safeguards and these are incorporated into the Marriage contract known as the Nikah. Muslim parents who belive that they have an ultimate overriding position regarding the suitor of their daughter are clearly mistaken and will anger Allah(swt) by marrying their daughter against her wishes.The youngest age to marry a girl is 12, and the consensus is to give the girl a good education before finding a suitable suitor or for her.

Age is not a stumbling block, however an old man aged 80 would be inappropriate for marriage to a woman in her late teens or twenties for obvious reasons.

Q6: How many times is the prayer preformed and haw many rakahs?
A6: Five times a day at appropriate times. The dawn prayer known as Fajir is preformed just before sunrise and has a dual function to awaken the mind for the start of the day. The minimum number of rakahs that need to be preformed is four or to put anotheer way to complete the Fard prayer can take roughly four minutes to complete! It was incorrect for Peach to suggest 140 rakahas!

Q7: Submission is scary? As Muslims you must attend the mosque at every prayer times.
A7: Each prayer lasts 10 minutes at the mosque, out of the total time that a muslim has during the day you submit less than 50 minutes of time to the creator who created you, fashioned you, gave you eyes to see, ears to hear and a mind to think. It does not sound like a lot of your time. These intermissions while you pray, away from your hectic lifestyle allows a muslims to reflect upon and be at peace with themselves, freshen up their minds and think a new. It is not necessary for a muslim to be present at the mosque at every azaan, however congregation is preferable, muslims can do their fard prayers anywhere so long as it is permissible to do so and that your not in any danger. The rewards are greater at the mosque in congregation and so it is more beneficial. It is not a punishable offence for not attending the Fard prayer since you may have a ligitimate reason, you could do the fard prayer before and uptill the time for it is to end.. Forcing muslims into mosques is not permissible. A muslim that forgets completing a prayer can make it up later. As for submission, muslims are constantly reminded of Allah(swt) in the form of the Azaan (Call for prayer) its purpose to remind Muslims that those before you (jews and Christians) forgot Allah(swt) over time and that the Muslims must never forget their connection with the creator of all things.

It should be noted that Allah(swt) is most merciful and can read hearts and minds.

Q8: Peaches remarks that she is a disappointing student?
A8: The true essence of Islam does not come to you just because your reciting the Qur’an, or do five times prayer, or think your doing good works? To see through the window of Islam you must be committed to searching for answers to deep questions, those that the materialists have failed to answer and have filled important rational facts with theories that cannot be proven. Since miss Geldof never intended to be a muslim, how could she really understand or contemplate it? Her stereotypes, western lifestyle and alien concepts that she carries within her, those that she holds so dear, close to her heart will make it impossible for her to see through a fabric vail, let alone see through a window toward Islam?

We question her motives and understand the real reason behind shooting this short documentary. Peaches is not as innocent as she makes out and like her father (bob) is doing the British Governments dirty work. That to confuse the majority of the British non-muslim public and dine with the Moderate Muslims who will praise her afterwards

Peaches is fiercely resilient to converting to Islam for the very reasons outlined above. Her goal as was the production of a short documentary, designed to redicule the Islamic faith and answer questions with a shallow perspective, sometimes confusing her hosts with materialism quotes and neurotic skepticism.

Q9: Peach cannot get to grips with the Qur’an!
A9: If the reader has a closed mind and as explained in A8 above, then their is no way for her to understand or comprehend the Qur’an in any language. When you open up a best selling novel, you have an intention before you even buy it off the shelf that you are committed to reading it, comprehending it and understand the plots within it so you can be enriched by its ending or overall immpression upon you. Since Peaches had no such intention, why consider the Qur’an in the documentary?

Background: A well know Christian reverted (not converted) to Islam became a translator of the Qur’an. (Mohammed) Marmaduke William Pickthall, was a Western Islamic scholar, noted as a poetic and accurate translator of the Qur’an into English. A revert from Christianity to Islam, Pickthall was a novelist, esteemed by D.H. Lawrence, H.G. Wells, and E.M. Forster, as well as a journalist, headmaster, and political and religious leader. Educated at Harrow, he was born into a comfortable middle class English family, whose roots trace back to a knight of William the Conqueror, Pickthall travelled across many Eastern countries, gaining reputation as Middle-Eastern scholar. A strong advocate of the Ottoman Empire, Pickthall studied Islam, published articles and novels on the subject, e.g. The meaning of the Holy Qur’an. While under the service of the Nizam of Hyderabad, Pickthall published his translation of the Qur’an, becoming the first English translation done by a believer and authorized by the Al-Azhar University, referred to by the Times Literary Supplement as “a great literary achievement.”

So the Qur’an is in English, yet it is a daunting task for Peach! – how delightful!
Islam for dummies is not as daunting, yet she doesn’t seem to be reading that either!

Q10: The Muslim girl nos 2 says that the Qur’an is the Islamic Law!
A10: We beg to differ on that point, Islamic law is termed as Shari’ah Law and it is a book with references to two main sources, the Qur’an and Sunnah of the Prophet(saaw). Every muslim should know that? Another inaccurate remark was the notion that the Qur’an has all the answers, well its not complete without one further component. The Qur’an authorizes the Prophet’s Sunnah and so since Muhammad(saaw) is a guide and his Sunnah is authorized by Allah(Swt) in the Qur’an his guidance is thus approved and can be followed. The Qur’an is not the only source fro a muslim to lead there lives, it goes hand in hand with the Sunnah. A Sheikh once commented that if a Muslim accepts just the Qur’an, they would have binned 70% of Islam only relying on 30% which does not constitute Islam? A muslim would therefore live a life outside of Islam and die in disgrace!

Q11: Peach asks what’s the point of a Quranic school!
A11: Why recite the Qur’an and memorize it? Well the answer to that question is partly historical and reward based. First the history; in the 12CE the barbers pillaged, raped and killed Muslims while occupying Muslim land. They were from Mongolia and their leader Genghis Khan married to a christian woman hunted down Muslims and burnt the great Library of the time in Baghdad. All the Qur’an’s and scientific books of the time where burnt in a very large fire. The Barbers occupied the lands and imposed their anti-religious laws upon the Muslims. The Muslims had four copies of the Original Qur’an held in secret locations at the furthest ends of the Islamic state. Unknown to the barbers the Muslims had begun to recite the Qur’an by heart and soon they knew that wiping the Qur’an from the face of the earth was not as easy a task as once thought. It only took one Muslim and the Qur’an could be rewritten without error. After 50 years of occupation the barbers reverted and became Muslim and it was the barbers who liberated lands in eastern Europe and northern africa, such a feat had never been witnessed before that an occupying force embraced a religion by its own free-will. The push into Spain was completed by Moorish forces who were predominantly black with a 19 year old non-black as their commanding general as they pushed into Spain up until the mountains of leon, only to then sign a treaty with the outgoing Spanish king. The importance of memory recitation has never left the Muslims and holds ever so strongly today. Such barbarous tactics by burring books were undertaken by Hitler as well as the Russians in the 19th century. Reciting the Qur’an will give you one reward, while applying what you have understood in your life is a reward equal to a thousand fold.

Q12: Peach remarks,” What they don’t know is that the English loose purposely”!
A12: This is a tactic use for Cricket and all types of sports when political ground is to be made by the british. Its not a new concept and Muslims worldwide are waking up to this fact that being used like puppets is unwarranted.

Q13: Peach remarks,” We have to leave, they are going pervy, the Qur’an has not taught them everything”!
A13: Another attack against the Islamic dress code and falling levels of morality in Morocco. But wait a minute wasn’t she provocatively dancing and showing off her body as she scored that all important goal? We wonder where london clubs fit in with this pervy message, that while dancing in a london nightclub, having thighs felt-up by clubbers, sometimes even by the same sex, being gazed at by on lookers is considered remotely pervy! I guess it must be your point of view.

Q14: Peach finds sufism very scary and remote.
A14: Sufism is a mystical sect that belive’s that by going into a trance they archive oneness and an ability to cross a spiritual bridge that can lead to Allah(swt). Mainstream Islam (Illumi) disagree with this assumption to a degree, acknowledging that Allah(swt) can be reached but not nessesaraly by inducing a trance, dancing and by Music. Sufism numbs the mind and could be considered just another form of meditation. But that’s all it is, it is not political and has no place in Political Islam. Sufism will be carefully monitored once an Islamic World Government is in place since non adherence to Islam comprehensively by so called Muslims could be deemed dangerous to humanity at large or to a lesser extent diverting away from the Islamic objectives of the day. Real Muslims (Ulumi) must not be led astray by this sect. It is also possible for a Moderate to be following Sufism.

Q15: Peach’s guide mentions the significance of “the King of the Jinn’s”.
A15: Why would Muslims want to visit a rock to get rid of jinns and not ask Allah(swt) directly for protection? We fail to understand this and as such belive that people who suffer from jinns have something wrong with their belief or have a mental problem that needs attention with careful support and help by professionals.

Q16: Peach recites quotes form a a well rehearsed materialist book.
A16: “…So what you mean is that you are pointing Thomas ???? cosmetological argument and William ????? sign argument, ….something about the big bang and ….by blind chance..” Quoting books is easy, especially when you haven’t done any of your own soul searching or hard work yourself!

Q17: When Peach was meditating she summed up her time with sarcasm, the word

A17: “Shopping” relates to consumerism and the buying or selling of products. These products where made from resources that were forged together through some industrial process and the raw materials came from the ground , mostly from Synthetic Oil. But where did the Oil come from? Humanity certainly did not make it? Who made the planets, the sun, the universe, mankind? So meditation isn’t too bad and she wasn’t too far from the truth, was she?

Q18: Peach belive’s in a completely free from meat Vegan diet.
A17: It is a well know fact that Vegan diets do more harm to the body than Meat eating does. A Vegan Diet stops the production of essential oils in the body that can lead brain damage and madness. So beware Vegan’s, you cannot have a completely meat free diet. We recommend some fish, with good omega 3 oils. as a supplement. Muslims can be vegetarian, there is no problem with that. If muslims are given meat at Eid, they will respect that and give to other memebers of their family that do eat meat.

Inforamtion about the programme:

Shown on Channel 4, first aired on Tuesday 05th September @ 23:00.

This review is written to clarify, correct and outline opinion where necessary and no way reflects upon the character of Peach Geldof since she acted according to scripts written by the production company.


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