Hindutva & Ayodhya

Babri Masjid It is twelve years since the Hindutva fanatics demolished the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya. Perhaps no other day in independent India’s history signifies and symbolizes the communal polarization, mutual hatred, and a contempt for rule of law, so blatant in our society today, as that black Sunday in December 92. We saw Golwalkar in action, “teaching” Indian Muslims how they should lead their lives in India as “second rate” citizens — citizens without any rights. Though I had known it very well that these fanatics could stoop to any low to gain political mileage, I hadn’t thought till that day, in fact till the All India Radio confirmed the demolition in its evening news, that the struture would actually be grounded. I had the rather simplistic impression that the “karsevaks” would enter the disputed site, with the help of the friendly police, and might even damage the masjid a little bit, but wouldn’t dare to do the total demolition. As a not so politically conscious teenager, this perhaps was understandable. Unfortunately the then prime minister Narasimha Rao, it appears now, was just as naive, willing to trust an Advani and a Kalyan Singh on their word that the Masjid wouldn’t be demolished. In the days followed, people were behaving in pretty strange — or was that more natural then? — ways. I could see many friends of mine from the Muslim community keeping a distance from me and other non-Muslims. The behaviour of several of my Hindu friends was even more strange. Many were ecstatic about the destruction that took place in Ayodhya — several ordinary Hindu teenagers parrotted local RSS hooligans, for a short period though. When our college reopened after a fortnight of bandhs, hartals, strikes, and a general everything-isn’t-alright atmosphere, my closest friend confessed to me that though he couldn’t justify Gandhi’s assassination — many on the “secular” side were talking a lot about the parallels between the Masjid demolition and Gandhi’s assassination — he sympathized with Godse’s position. As one can see, talking in extremes was the norm. This was the period when I started taking a keener interest in political matters. Though never very active in day-to-day activism, I decided to pay more attention to what such local activists say. I found that those who actually work with people and their problems weren’t floundering at difficult times, unlike some of the bookish liberal intellectuals. In societal matters, words of those who are willing to make sacrifices, started appealing to me more, than the dull rigour of “academic” logic. Back to Babri Masjid, for a “secularist”, today it is politically correct to say that the issue should be settled in court. On the whole, our judiciary is exemplary, and I believe this issue can be settled in court. But I think a truly secular government should be willing to undo the wrong, and the right thing to do is to rebuild the masjid there. If I advocate anything less than this, I can’t but feel that I’m indirectly siding with the demolishers.


6 thoughts on “Hindutva & Ayodhya

  1. hi i read all the things you mentioned …even i agree to you but still i do have a question .. a common man has his all strengths in his faith and beliefs . if we breack and breach that faith it is easy to rule..
    may be this wont explain you clearly lets take it other way i am firm believer in god (i dont believe in reality but for example) so i have faith on him and that god the supree ower is what i have strength.. if somebody breaches that it is very hard to come up from that ..
    so everycommon man may be a mass has a believe in god .. after breaching thair faith they are broken ..lost their strebgth because they lost their faith and belief ..
    this is what babur done ..he was neither a king .. if you have good study in history and if you can see with a third mans view you can see babur attacked on india .. he never thaught that india is his home ..
    even though he demolished the temple of rama (archealogical department of india found some scattered pieces around the demolished place..recently as per the supreme courts directions) and then built over a mosque as they usually done in many places in india if you want any other places to be named iam happy to do that ..

    so a hindu just wanted his place back where his faith lived where a temple was there .. which a invader demolished ..stop nonsenses and psuedo secularism … even indian muslim should now time to wake u if they feel an invader was their greatest king a invader ruled over their king as their good ruler than i shame and pity on their thinking …

    i mean no offence but a clear adn neat intention to discuss on this issue .. your comment adn ideas are welcomed ..
    my email id is wokvaibahv@gmail.com curry_vaibhav@yahoo.co.in..
    i welcome you to discuss on this and many other problems arosed in india becausse of “satan” vishwa hindu parishad and bajarang dal and rss

  2. I agree with you 100%, Vaivhav. You are right
    about the Babri Mosque distruction. We Hindu
    just took back what was ours in the first place.

  3. Haha dear friend dont waste your time with this type usless discussion…do ur people have guts to remake the masjid..we want see…hahah…go and sleep now…ok…
    or pls go to your motherland fuckistan..india for hindus and not for your dirty uneducated people..big fuckerss..

  4. what is the great problem or complex of islam people u know that…they never consider other people..they only read quran and never go to read school books..science, mathematics..
    so u people were very down….the world knows about your religion well as long as u doing the same stuffs with terrorists……poeple hate your religion…u can overcome this problem first of all let ur people to go school for study and understand them about humanity…

  5. can i forget about your pakistan and can u loudly make a jai hind..they we will with u for building your mosque..promise…but u must prove that ur for india only….forget about fucking waste country pakistan…

  6. can u forget about your pakistan and can u loudly make a jai hind..then we will stay with u for building your mosque..promise…but u must prove that ur for india only….forget about fucking waste country pakistan…

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