US pushes strategy of sowing discord among Muslims – Iranian official

Published: Jan 10, 2007
Text of report in English by Iranian news agency IRNA website

Tehran, 10 January: Head of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Mahmud Mohammadi Araqi, said here Wednesday [10 January] that the US is currently pushing the strategy of sowing discord among Muslims to reach its ominous goals in the Middle East.

Mohammadi Araqi made the statement while speaking to IRNA in an exclusive interview.

“Following failure of the US policies in the Middle East region and victory of the Islamic Resistance Movement in Lebanon against Israeli invasion (July-August, 2006), the US has currently pressed ahead with strategy of causing discord among Muslims,” he said.

“The US and its allies are working hard to cause sectarian conflict between Shi’i and Sunni Muslims,” he said.
Araqi urged Muslims to exercise vigilance to neutralize the ominous plots of causing discord among Muslims.

“Iraq is the main base for such activities because it is an appropriate state for hatching such a plot with respect to its occupation by foreign forces,” he added.

The ICRO head stated that the US and Britain are advancing the strategy to cover up their failures in Iraq, stressing, “Enemies of Islam and the Islamic Republic of Iran intend to cause an obstacle in the way of a ‘revolutionary Islam’.”

He said Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamene’i has also stressed the need for Muslim solidarity and heavy responsibility of religious ulema and intellectuals of the Islamic world to this end.

On execution of the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, he said the US and Britain have planned to take advantage of his hanging for escalation of sectarian violence in Iraq. No fair individual would defend Saddam’s crimes.

Mohammadi Araqi assessed as a “psychological and propaganda warfare” the issue of alliance of certain Arab circles and the US and Britain against Iran’s peaceful nuclear programme, saying it would be futile.

He expressed confidence the US plot against Iran would fail like the former ones.
Islamic leaders have a specific position among Muslim nations in the region, he said, adding, “No alliance against Iran and the Islamic Revolution will work.”

Pointing to the UN Security Council’s Resolution 1737 against Iran, he said, “The resolution proved weakness of the council’s member states rather than their power.

“It indicated that the West reached a dead-end on Iran’s peaceful nuclear programme.”
The Iranian nation took no heed of the resolution, he added.
“The US and Britain have no prestige in the Middle East region to encourage regional states to form alliance with them against Iran.”

Source:  RNA website, Tehran, in English 10 Jan 07


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