Analysis of the narrators and chains of narration of some commonly Quoted Da’eef (Weak), Munkar (Rejected), False (Baatil), fabricated (Mawdoo) and Laa Asla Lahu (Baseless) ahaadeeth. It is important to note that there are numerous unfounded narrations that are declared Da’eef, Munkar, Baatil, Mawdoo or Baseless ahaadeeth. They are popular and are commonly circulated among all levels of society – the elite as well as the commoners.  As such, it is our obligation to discuss them and indicate their erroneousness

He who recites (Surah Fatihah) behind the Imaam, his mouth is filled with fire…………
He who raises his hands during the prayer, there is no prayer for him…….
There will be a man among my ummah known as Abu Haneefah, who will be the lamp of my ummah……
The Hadeeth Endorsing Ikhtilaaf disagreement differing…………
My Companions are like the stars: whichever of them you follow, you will be rightly-guided…..
Disagreement will occur at the death of a Khaleef and a Man of the People of Madeenah will come forth……
We have returned from the Lesser Jihaad, to the Greater Jihaad (i.e. the Jihaad against oneself…
Seek knowledge even if it be to China ……for indeed seeking knowledge is an obligatory duty upon all…
Love of ones homeland is part of faith…..
Allaah says, ‘neither My Heaven or My earth can contain Me……..
The One who knows himself, knows his Lord……
I was a Prophet while Adam was between clay and water….
I was a hidden treasure, and I wished to be known, so I Created (Human Being)…..
“Allaah says, ‘were it not for you (O Muhammad ) I would not have created the universe.’”
The Ahaadeeth on the Abdaal (The Substitutes)
“The Example of my Companions is that of the stars: he who follows any of them will be rightly-guided.” 
If there is no previous example (sunnah) of mine, then (act upon) what my Companions say…….
“I asked my Lord about that which my Companions would disagree about after me, so Allaah inspired me: 
“Verily, my Companions are like the stars: so if you accept any of their sayings, you will be guided.”
Wiping the Face with the Hands After Du`aa’ (Supplication)……
“When  he raised his hands in Du’aa’, he would not put them down until he had wiped his face with them.” 
Whoever visits me after I die, it is as if he visited me when I was still alive…
You will indeed battle the Mushrikeen until the last of you fight the Dajjaal at a river in Jordan
If I am someone’s mawla (friend) then ‘Ali is his mawla too”
The weakness of the hadeeth about placing the hands below the navel.
“Whoever sleeps after ‘Asr and loses his mind has no one to blame except himself”?
“I am a tree, ‘Ali is its trunk, Faatimah is its branches and al-Hasan and al-Husayn are its fruits.”
“Learn Witchcraft (Sihr), But do not use it”?
The Story of ‘Umar Being Corrected by a Woman

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