Dogs in the Quran ?? Are’nt they dirty (Najis) ?!!!!!

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Dogs in the Quran ?

by Malika Ayub

Dogs in the Quran ?? Are’nt they dirty (Najis) ?!!!!!

I heard this from a Muslim friend. So I told him to read the Quran and find what Quran says about dogs.

It is interesting to know that dogs are mentioned in the Quran 5 times, not just once, 7:176, 18:18, 18:22 (three times). NO WHERE does God call the dogs dirty animals or give any indication that they should be avoided or treated the way many Muslims think they should. Actually the story of the people of the cave, in Sura 18, gives the indication. that we should appreciate.

The people of the cave, 3, 5 or 7 were mentioned in the Quran and every time God insists on letting us know that their dog was there with them. Their story can be as complete without the mention of the dog, but God did, Why ?

God is telling us these righteous people were in the cave with their dog, if it is not righteous to have dogs, God would not have told us that story in which the dog has to be remembered as being there. We have to know the quality of God, if we were to worship Him correctly. When God says something He means it, and when he does not, he means it as much. If God did not curse the dog and call it all kinds of name, it is because God wants us to know that He created that beautiful creature and He expected us to make all use and companinonship with that animal that accompanied these righteous people of the cave.

Fabricated hadiths contradict the Quran. Many of them narrated by Abu Hurayra. Abu Hurayra, whose name is translated as , father of the little cat, hated dogs and women and from his mouth came many hadiths that insulted women and cursed the dogs and make them undesirable animals that need to be avoided and in other hadiths killed.

These fabricted hadtihs were falsely attributed to the prophet Muhammed who cannot utter but the teachings of the Quran and would only be a living example of the Quran itself. The prophet Muhammed who lived by the Quran could not have done anything but agree with the Quran,not contradict it. God gave us a great criteria to judge His truth form the man-made fabrications;

“….If it were from othr than God, they would have found in it numerous contradictions.” 4:82

Can we be that Judge ? We have to.


6 thoughts on “Dogs in the Quran ?? Are’nt they dirty (Najis) ?!!!!!

  1. Bismillah.

    Shame on you for insulting one of the best Companions of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him).

    How did you reach the conclusion that he hated women and dogs, and due to that he decided to invent laws in the Religion of Allah, based on his desires?

    This is a person who literally fought for the Religion of Allah, seeing arrows fly by his face, and spears. He braved the struggles of the tiring battlefield to defend the Religion of Allah, and then you go and tell us – without any proof whatsoever, mind you – that he later on decided the Religion he put his neck on the line for is so insignificant that he can just lie and pretend he heard such-and-such from the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), just because he felt like it?

    Bottom line: You have no proof that Abu Hurairah (may Allah be pleased with him) invented those narrations, and in fact they don’t contradict the Qur’an when understood correctly.

    If he was inventing narrations, surely some of the other Companions would have called him out for his lies. However, you seem to think that someone can narrate hundreds of lies in our Religion of Islam, and it goes unnoticed for 1400 years, then some geniuses in the 15th century all of a sudden discover it, yet they don’t even know Arabic!! Lol.

    The e-mail I put is my correct one. Feel free to e-mail me.

  2. Al Salam 3alikom to all of you,

    first we can’t jump on each other as muslim and we can’t call each other names this is not allow in our religion as a muslim and we believe on Quran and What Allah say in the Quran. and you brother find proof in Quran about dog and Abu Hurayra really do not like dogs or women you need to read more and do more research before you jump on your brother he did not insult any one he just say what he think and what he find from Quran so we can’t call people names as muslim and we should not say any thing to hurt other people feeling that is not nice read more and do your research about what you say then come to us and give us your proof. Allah Barak your live and your soul.
    Salam to all of you

  3. “””Bottom line: You have no proof that Abu Hurairah (may Allah be pleased with him) invented those narrations, and in fact they don’t contradict the Qur’an when understood correctly.”””

    Well in fact”s” they DO contradict the Qur’an…..
    We do not need another’s interpretation of the QUR’AN when we can see it for our selves.

    All “”hadiths”” are to be taken very lightly………….and with caution.
    The people that wrote them are human and they make mistakes, because no human is perfect.
    No matter how truthful you are, their interpretation of what they saw, might be wrong.
    Mohamed(PBUH) did not write a single hadith!! If it were hard, then Mohamed(PBUH) would have written 1000 of them! The word SUNNAH mean TRADITION. It does not mean LAW.

    I’ll give an example of what I mean:

    “Lo’, and behold! In the far east a great object will come from the night. It shall rise above all of the earth moving across the sky. Burning all in its path, any that would stand before it, the human flesh will taste fire from this beast upon their skin! Many hours will it last until leaving earth, due its west”

    Any person that is ignorant will say that this is NOT the SUN rising in the East and setting in the West.(sun burn anyone?)

    Those people are the same people that corrupt the Qur’an and make new hadiths to understand old hadiths to understand the Qur’an.

    BISMILLAH!!! BISMILLAH!!! The Qur’an can never be changed!

  4. Asalammu walaikum,
    In my experience the only thing that people can agree upon concerning the hadith is that it can’t be agreed upon. People argue over what is sound teaching and what is not. Al Q’uran is the final and complete word of Allah. This being the case why do we teach the hadith to be equal with Al Q’uran. Isn’t such a practice putting humans on the same level as our blessed creator?
    Shukran Allah for the final and complete word that gives us right guidance.

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