US Officers planned the Beit Hanoun(palestine) Massacre

Part of Haitham’s adventure in Bleeding Edge
13. November 2006

WARNING: The article contains very disturbing pictures… Pictures that are not of the type you will see on TV or your local newspaper, trust me. In fact, Israel will pay anything for such pictures not to be published. If you have weak heart, STOP HERE!
A Dead family from Beit Hanoun on their last way.
US Officers planned the Beit Hanoun Massacre
by *Kawther Salam – November 12, 2006 –

If you find the images in this article revolting, like me, think of the following: people everywhere in Palestine see such images on a daily basis not as pictures but live and anywhere they go, and that this genocide is supported equally by ALL western countries, the EU and the UN. If you live in any “western” country, your taxes are very probably financing what you see here. Speak with your politicians if you do not like what you see. When the the psychopaths and moral degenerates who commit these acts with the help of your governments stop commiting them, I (and others) will stop publishing these images.

I have been busy with the problems related to my exile for a long time. Since the criminal State of Israel denied me the right to work as a journalist in my homeland Palestine and forced me to flee to Europe, many problems appeared in my life. I often ask myself why the U.S.A does not stop donating to Israel the bombs which they use against the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. What, ever, have we done to the USA ?

Why did the U.S.A send military detachments to Israel after the Israeli lost the war in the south of Lebanon? The Israeli military radio, “Tsahal Radio” announced these news. They said that the American detachment of officers had arrived in Israel to take part in the “Autumn Clouds” operation in Gaza, that they helped the Israeli military to perform their “killing duties” without any loss. American officers were involved in the last Beit Hanoun massacre, in which in one incident 20 Palestinians were killed, at least 60 innocent children, old men and women were injured.

Israel had to defend themselves from her, so they did this.

The question poses itself, why is the political discourse of the European countries still fixated on the crimes against the Jews over 60 years ago, all the while allowing and even supporting the perpetration of the big disaster which befalls my homeland Palestine? Why do all European politicians keep silence about all the crimes which the Israeli perpetrates in Palestine ?

Are they scared that the Jews will return to Europe, or are they themselves involve in these crimes? Is it logical that the European countries signed the convention against Genocide, and then they impose a siege against the Palestinian and create conditions for real starvation for another nation in another land ?

Why does the international media impose a veil of silence over what is happening in Palestine, the concentration camps which are Gaza and the West Bank? Never anything comes out in the media, the TV, the newspapers. The media only relates minor incidents, or, in a hugely inflated manner, when something small happens against the Israeli occupation terrorists. As far as I am concerned, all the western media is complicit in this genocide.

They had to amputate both his legs because of an “error”. —

Since the Palestinian resistance captured the Israeli-French criminal, “soldier” Gilad Shalit on June 25, the Israeli criminals have been slaughtering Palestinians everywhere in Gaza. Since then 396 Palestinians have been killed, 4600 Palestinian have been injured according to the Palestinian statistics which published in the newspapers, among them 1700 child. 940 Palestinians among these injured are permanently disabled, 135 lost organs of their bodies, 54 of these Palestinians suffered third degree burns.

The Israeli criminal State is using new, forbidden weapons. Nobody knows what they are. These weapons inflicts vicious wounds which will burst into flames when exposed to air even after the initial infliction. Israel also uses Uranium shells in Gaza, this is a war crime.

Palestinian Dr. Joma’a Sakka’a said that the bodies of dead Palestinian victims which reach the Al-Shifa Hospital desintegrate into crumbles and liquid. The organs inside the bodies of the victims are totally burnt and carry small pieces of metal which can’t even be seen under the X-ray, also, a white powder covers the internal organs of the victim’s bodies. The Doctor said when we try to open the injuries, they do not see the splinters which had inflicted the wounds, and could not identify the damaged area even after opening the bodies. The doctors said that the injuries must be inflicted by a new, unknown weapon as they had not seen injuries like that before. These are serious injuries which leave the victims shredded and covered with burns. Even in cases when the doctors medicate them successfully, the victims die after a couple of days for unknown reasons.

Leg injuries inflicted by new Israeli weapons. The flesh is apparently burnt and desintegrates into crumbles and liquids. —

The results of the sample of the injuries which the Palestinians sent to Parma University in Italy shows that the weapon which was used against the Palestinian civilians in Gaza included a very high percent of Carbon, and also copper and other metals. This kind of weapon has been tentatively identified as a multiple explosion carbon missile (DIME) which has been developed in the U.S.A.

The Beit Hanoun massacre, a day of bloody clouds.

On November 1, 2006, the number of the Palestinians who were killed in Gaza during the “Autumn Clouds” Israeli military terror operation reached 86, and at least 265 were injured. This happened before the criminals of the Israeli State perpetrated the now generally known massacre in Beit Hanoun.

The morning of November 8, 2006, Israeli tanks shelled Palestinians in their homes in the northern Gaza town of Beit Hanoun. They fired eleven shells into six homes, killing at least 20 Palestinians, wounding some 60 more. The Irony is that this attack comes a day after Israeli troops pulled out of the town after a week-long offensive in which dozens of Palestinian died, and hundreds were injured.

A person from Gaza, who also sent me most of the pictures of this article, posted this on that day:

“it has been the 7th day of the israeli aggression against citizens in gaza strip town of Bieth Hanoon, till this moment they have killed more than 90 citizen withen those 7 days what is most important about this, is the kind of strange weapons used in the attack, these bombs explode in a strange way to make fatal damage of human body, cuts abd burns more than any bomb we have ever experienced … so this is why the number of kills is very high till now, and for the most important that even the wonded, thay almost have no hope to cure, as the damage that happens to their bodys .. the Palestinian Health ministray believes that some nuclear radiations might be contented in these weapons , as they can not really understand what is going on till now. as i said more than 90 were killed and more than 500 wonded, tens in danger … and more than 100 handdicapped as the type of weapons they use ..

the israelis destroyed many houses, and they killed many trees in simple words a New Jenin Camp if you remember what happened in Jenen, they destroyed roads, electricity and water nets.. in simple words what happened was a n earth quack, during searching some houses they stole what they found, some cellphones and PCs and gold what is happpening now that they israelis partially withdrawn from Beith Hanoon, but not completely as some media say, for that more than 9 were killed yesterday morning by israeli snipers, or air raids and the army still ocuupying and having terrorist militant activities against civils which caused tonight some thing that happened which might be good to consider here, is an israeli aristrike against the house of Jamila AL-Shanty, the member of the Palestinian Legaslative Council which caused the death of her sister and her sister’s husband and an other passer about the school bus it happened the day before, they shot the female teacher insidet he bus in front of little kids about 4 and 5 years old , imagine how would they grow up ?

today there has been aggression using arsenal, the israeli arsenal killed more than 20 civilians as they bombed houses over the heads of the inhabitants, so many kids and women were killed or injured this morning…”

Each time I read about the criminal Israeli operation in Gaza, seeing the increase in the number of the civilian victims, I swallowed my pain and closed the computer. Until that evening, a day after the Beit Hanoun massacre, when I saw a group of Zionists lead a demonstration against an Austrian rightist group which has its office near my house.

Zionists protesting against “fascism” and “anti-semitism” in Vienna. What do these deluded people think that zionism is, if not fascism and anti-semitism ?

Suddenly the questions started coming:
– Who are the real Nazis: the war criminals in Israel, or these Austrians who use that basement office as a place of reunion in excercise of their rights under Austrian law ?
– What, ever, did these Austrians do to anybody ? Hold political opinions which are not popular ? And for this they are terrorized and insulted as Nazis on a regular basis ?

How can it be that such a criminal nation has the gut to complain about the deplorable things which befell them in the past, while they are perpetrating massacres and crimes on a daily basis, often worse than the most extreme crimes attributed to the Nazis, against the civilians of another nation, namely the Palestinian population jailed in Gaza and the West Bank ? Have they no decency ?

The face and head of this person was melted away by the new American weapons which Israel is using.

Is the State of Israel, which commits war crimes every day, preparing the innocent civilian Jews for another Holocaust? I would not wish something like that to happen again, but it could happen as a reaction to the crimes they commit. The Israeli practices in Gaza and the West Bank is indescribable. The daily crimes of Israel in Palestine are uncountable. Their hateful and shameless incitements against the Arab world increase day after day …

In Beit Hanoun, some of the shells landed on a home, killing 11 members of one family called Al-’Athamneh, including a 9-year-old child and a 73-year-old woman. The other shells landed on other five homes at Hamad Street in Beit Hanoun. Other victims were from the Al-Kafarneh family. Muhammad Athamneh described the massacre to Palestinian newspaper Hayat Al-Jadidah. He said that the killed were children, women, and old men, that they had killed his mother, sister, uncle and his six sons, and four sons of his second uncle. Who believes that?

Athamneh said that it was 5:30 at the morning, everybody were sleeping, when they heared the very strong blast of the first explosion which landed at his cousins house, followed by screaming and crying. He ran out, found his relatives, old and young men running in the streets, escaping from the shelling and looking for protection in other places, but that this did not help them to escape from the Israeli shelling. The “Autumn Clouds” rained missiles on their heads. They all were killed on the roads. The whole place was converted into a collective grave.

Athamneh was shocked, he did not know how to save the life of his family and relatives, everybody was bleeding and the floor was covered by a big pool of blood! He saw the horrible death in front of his eyes. His cousin’s wife died with her two children while he was screaming and seeking the Ambulance. Nobody was able to come near under the heavy, blind shelling killing everybody moving in the area. The sky rained blood that day.

He was probably running away, so they shot him thru the head.

Today Saturday, the US, who said in advance that Israel has the right to defend itself and gave the Palestinian resistance the responsibility for the massacre, vetoed a draft UN Security Council resolution condemning an Israeli attack in the Gaza Strip that killed 20 Palestinian civilians and injured more 60. The disgusting American Psychopath Bolton described the text as “unbalanced” and “biased against Israel and politically motivated”. Does anyone wonder why the Palestinian resistance is shooting missiles toward Israel, which by the way never really reach anything ?

The reason is simple: the big concentration camp which is Gaza, where a million and a half people are caged, impoverished and hungry, and where almost all civilian infrastructure has been left in ruins by Israel. The increased poverty and real hunger which the Palestinians suffer in their reclusion, the shortage of food for the children, the damaged infrastructure which the occupation left behind, the closed entrances of the city, the daily killings and destruction – including the bombing of the power station – in Gaza, these reasons are enough for anyone to fight against the Genocide and look for a better life to live.

Does anyone wonder how much the face of the Israeli occupation is bloody, ugly and inhuman ? Does anybody wonder how much the American leaders are criminals in their support to Israel ? When will the world give Israel a firm ultimatum to stop the occupation, the genocide which has been going on for about 60 years now ?

Carrying babies to their graves in Beit Hanoun. They died because western politicians are cowards and racists under the heel of the zionists.

Seeking International Military Forces in Palestine:

Why did the European politicians not adopt the request of the Palestinians, who asked for European military forces to be sent to Palestine to protect them and the infrastructure from the Israeli crimes ? We are really seeking International military forces to stop the bloody crimes against Palestine, to make a halfways normal life possible.

The Palestinians Authority does not really exist any more, Abbas and the people around him don’t have even the power to protect their underpants. The Palestinian civilians lost their trust to the P.A. long time ago, when it became evident that they are a bunch of corrupt, sold-out traitors. The Palestinian civilians are seeking protection against the Zionist criminals, and they will be thankful for anybody who will stop the crimes commited against them. Please, send military forces to stop the Israeli rampage in Gaza and the West Bank.

Part of the images here come from the Al-Ittihad newspaper, part of them were submitted by somebody from Beit Hanoun who lost seven friends and relatives during this last Israeli rampage. His only comment was “that’s life”, because he knows, as all those who live in Gaza, that his life is worth nothing.

This child was not yet born when it was shot by an anonymous soldiers for zionism.

* Kawther Salam is Palestinian Journalist. After she was forced by the Israeli occupation forces to leave her home in Palestine, she fled to Vienna, Austria, where she currently live as a refugee.

She started her online diary in October 2001 while still living in Palestine, where she worked as a journalist. You will find the first part of her diary at the website of Gush Shalom, here.


26 thoughts on “US Officers planned the Beit Hanoun(palestine) Massacre

  1. if this is the world that we are living in. in such destructuon and violence than damn it gos just end it all. children young young children being sanlessly murdered and beaten. its like hell on earth.

  2. Tis picture depicts how a child is ruthlesly murdered.when we are pricked by a needle how much it hurts.just imagine how this tiny innocent soul went through.

  3. As this is been a ridicoulous event as, the massacre has been done to the humanity of the slaves, is not been acceptable to the mankind or the world properly based unity.

    1. yes u r right these innocent children were dangerous for israel they were attacking on israel your right just tell me if i kill your son tell me what u gonna do

  4. “Stop the attacks against Israel and this terrible scenes can be stopped too”

    Attacks on Israel? I guess living in your house is an “attack against Israel”.

  5. this is da worst tragedy ever seen today i donated money for the gaza strip and i will try to give more when i read this letter i stopped half way through becuase i couldnt read anymore this was very heart brakining to read ”GOD’S HELP IS NEAR” keep waiting PALESTINE just cos the discrasefull arabs foergotton about u e.g. united arab emarites, Suadi arabia all da gulf countries rather since they prefer to ignore these horric scenes and focus on der silly money ther makin thro da buisness wid america and such countries doesnt mean god forgot them god is watching over these criminals acts aswell as the poor palestinians and all of us.


  7. why is everyone so against us muslims???? y cant they c that the palestinians are unarmed and the isrealis are from the tips of their hair to the tips of their toes??? Where is the so-called human rights commission???Where is the UN?? What happened to the peace talks??? Why isnt anyone doing anything abt the pain that the isrealis are causing our brothers and sisters in palestine????

  8. I wonder what type of fear and devastation the palestinians go through every day. What the israelis are doing is inhumane, they are animals. But i wonder how lucky the palestinians are because they get 2 leave this world as martyrs and shaheeds, dying 4 what they believe in and upholding their courage and they will be the winners in this world and they shall be rewarded with jannah (paradise) in the hereafter. It hurts 2 c how the world is so discrete about it, i guess all this just opens ur eyes and makes u appreciate ur life. The israeli soldiers are psychopaths and Bush is the worse thing that happened 2 this earth and if somehow i could go back 2 the day he was born i’d push him back in 2 his mother’s womb! But who knows someday he might regret what he did but then it would’ve been 2 late. I just hope that he goes on 2 the straight path someday because 4 people like him there will be a painful doom.

  9. Razan said
    “4 people like him there will be a painful doom”

    Who are you to condemn anyone to a painful doom? Or to assume that anyone will be put to a painful doom? This is not your decision to make and isn’t something for you to be talking about in this manner. “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”Romans 3:23. your sin is just as bad to God as anybodies for it is said “God shows no partiality” Romans 2:11. you write as if you know what God will do to people but you have no idea. no idea if this man or men will repent in the future only God knows this. i am not saying that people shouldn’t be held responsible for their crimes, because they should, but we are talking about something bigger here, something “not of this
    world”. so don’t go around condemning people to a “painful doom” or thinking that God will condemn them because it just shows your very own arrogance , and unrighteousness. JLY

  10. muslim terrorists suicide bomb themselves every fucking year and kill innocent children and wont leave israel alone. MUSLIMS ARE DEMONS, NOT HUMANS. a dead arab is a good arab. fuck muslims for all the terrorism they have done to the world. leave israel alone, they withstood genocide. REAL FUCKING GENOCIDE, in the holocaust. let themhave their country you peices of worthless pork shit. i hate muslims so much. your religion is based on hate, your religion is based on killing for your god? how is that right. jesus you all disgust me.

  11. thats bullshit …did you foget who caused those palestines to fight …for their family ..for their religion…when these bastards shout …they foget what cause them not saying terrorism is the right path …but what else have they got

  12. Is this all still happening? Geez they REALLY don’t keep us informed up here in Canada. Though I know this doesn`t make a difference, I am SO sorry that I can`t do anything about this except spread the word and inform fellow canadians about what`s happening.
    War is ridiculous and NOTHING should EVER escalate to that level of hatred. George Bush is lame for supporting this crap and everyone seems to agree with this, which is why I don`t understand how he can still be running the U.S. Even if George Bush was kicked out of his standing though, I doubt much would change, since it`s the puppeteer that needs to be destroyed not the puppet. I LOATHE that our country (Canada) always seems to be fine with whatever the U.S. is doing just because they have a bigger military than us. We`ve been bullied around by them enough and it`s time for us to stand up and say `THIS IS NOT ALRIGHT! WE WON`T STAND BY AND LET THIS HAPPEN!`
    Someday, maybe we will all evolve to the point where we can embrace one anothers differences though, rather than start wars because of them. Right now, we might as well be apes throwing rocks at each other from tree to tree.
    Love thy neighbour!

  13. All of this violence and hatred generates more atrocities from all sides. Muslim against Muslim. Muslims against Jews. Where is it all leading. No-one can claim glory in an after-life by wreaking suffering on others. It is clear that after generations of violence and atrocicies on the part of Muslims, Jews and Christians, it is not getting us anywhere. All the good is undone. Hatred and distrust prevail. Greed and supression of our fellow human-beings feeds this cancer of our minds.
    We could be strong if we supported one another to build a better world for our children. We must start somewhere. So why not now and put history behind us? Otherwise we will self-destruct and there will be no winners.
    Who will start this process of reconciliation?- Who can lead us? Are you man enough to take on this challenge or do you prefer to start killing some more kids instead and blowing half their heads off?

  14. The only satisfaction I get from reading the comments left by kykes is that they will suffer the worst fate, the zionist state is their heaven and outside its hell, just like the signs of quiyama, I can’t wait to kill some dajjal followers, wich is all the kykes in israel hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


    I am peaceful to all those who show no support for the zionists, when the war is taken to your land victory shall again be for the muslims, we’ve beaten you in every war, youve pulled out of lebanon, gaza couldnt beat some civilians with AK-47s?

    shows how weak you people really are, hey I dropped a penny how long will it take for you to sniff it out KYKE?


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